houseandlotforsale.com.ph is Composed of Licensed Real Estate Brokers offering the most affordable and value for money subdivisions. We aim to offer Rent to Own projects that cater practical and wise buyers. We take into heart that each subdivision has the nearest Market place, Malls, Transportation and schools that will satisfy the client’s necessities. Aside from that, we assure that as much as we can, we will find No Down payment and Less Equity. This truly is a Home for every Juan.



For almost 15 years, they have been providing No Down No equity Houses in Cavite. They have focused their efforts in providing affordable yet beautiful houses to practical clients. They give free seminars to first time buyers on how to invest on real estate and guide them how to manage their expectations. They encourage clients to start dreaming of investing and that to “Dream Big and start small”.

As part of the expansion, they encourage old clients to be their partners in building: Home for Every Juan. It’s a Rent to Own movement that will enable to help reach more people in having their own homes and to stop renting. They encourage more sellers to be partners in sharing the Rent to Own homes.



Our earnest goal is to be known as the Real estate corporation that offers No Down Payment. We aim to spread Rent to own movement: “Home for Every Juan” system that enables clients to find affordable homes that they can exchange with renting. Our legacy is to reach those who dream to have their own home. And give options of architecturally distinct, pleasantly homey, ergonomically useful, space functional yet budget-friendly dream houses for the Filipino family.

We envision a Filipino family gratifyingly enjoying a lifetime in its own dream home embraced by a safe and friendly community environment.